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The veil – a noun to describe the concealing of face or head. Muslim women wear a veil, the hijab, as a representation of their faith and devotion to their religion. Today, the appearance of traditional hijab has evolved and differently interpreted, causing unsettledness in the community with regards to it.

In this project, veiled women are portrayed in every style and interpretation as Greek goddesses – deities that uphold characteristics of empowerment and elegance. 

Introducing Vélo, The Goddess of Veil.

Velo pg1
Velo pg2
Velo pg3
Velo pg4
Velo pg5
Velo pg6

Conceptualisation: Azra Syakirah

Art Direction & Styling: Azra Syakirah & Mazri Ismail

Photographer: Nial Adryan

MUA: Nur Aqidah

Models: Azra Syakirah & Eenah

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