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Often inspired by the abstract and theatricality, Azra is lured to the psychological aspects of life. From affairs of the daily life to the thoughts of conscience, she expresses them through the art of narration and conceptualizing. Linking them to a visual interpretation which it is widely understood and appreciated, they are embedded in her designs characterized by her flair for it and eye for twisted details. She aims to create a community which she is able to inspire as well as be inspired from, while also delivering to the wider audience through the appealing visual aesthetics without compromising quality or cut. 

Azra is also a language enthusiast with experience in writing about art, fashion, travel and lifestyle. She is experimental and versatile with her writing genre and content creation, seeking to put her passion for linguistics and hunger for creativity into practice. 




AZ.S アズ



AZ.S is a menswear label that incorporates traditional tailoring techniques into contemporary designs. We adopt the slow fashion movement by ethically manufacturing our designs, promising top-notch quality in clothing that the people need — fashionable but not excessive, comfortable but groundbreaking.

We put emphasis on the art of clothes and clothes making, and celebrate the skills of the craftspeople who make them. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure quality from start to finish and carefully conceptualise our designs of each collection to maintain our fresh edge. 





Often times we are told to “embrace our demons”, when in actuality we have to first acknowledge its existence, accept its presence and be comfortable with the idea of its being there before anything else. This brand isn’t about “being one with your demons” nor confronting them, it is about admitting you even have them.

Our brand addresses psychological and theoretical issues through the means of representational interpretations. With the medium of narration, our brand tells stories in an abstract manner — a double meaning always embedded in it.


Our line-up can be chapters of a book, scenes of a movie or tracks in an album. Instead of a method of self- expression (although it can be one too), our brand prides in comfort whist wearing our garments — be it the material, cut or design.


We target the wider market of audience that appreciate aesthetics while focusing on the ones that are destined to be part of our community.