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  • Azra Syakirah

Introducing… The Nomadic Fashioner!

My blog has been dead for years, but it’s time I revive it with a theme in mind. It used to be jotted thoughts, vague references and written emotions. And while I intend to continue writing blog posts in that theme, I’m introducing a new one: fashion styling, but specifically tweaked to fit the nomadic lifestyle I’m living.

I’ll reintroduce myself: I respond to Azra, Az, and at times Syakirah. I’m a fashion design graduate with a fashion brand on hiatus, and I write for a living. Oh, I also have a podcast. I left for Japan in 2018, and lived there for 3 years. This time last year, I decided to end my rental contract for my place in Tokyo, packed my stuff in two suitcases, and shipped the rest home. Since then, I haven’t stayed in a place for longer than two months. I hop from city to city, to country, to continent. I don’t like the term as much, but yes, I’m a digital nomad.

Kyoto, Japan, May 2021

My one and only new year’s resolution this year is to regain that independence and sense of self I used to have before I left Singapore in 2018, and to do that, I’m focused on salvaging the passion I once had for fashion, by bringing the on-hiatus AZ.S back to life. My first order of business towards that end goal is this blog series. I call it The Nomadic Fashioner.

To keep up with style and fashion while constantly on the move is tough — outfit repeating has to be okay, pieces are versatile, clothes have to be under the luggage limit, self-control is key, and the bank shouldn’t be depleted. I haven’t found anyone doing what I’m doing, so I thought it’s a good niche to tap into while jotting down some of the things I have learned during my experience.

Some things that will be in this series:

  • Walkthroughs of my daily fashion styling process

  • Peep into my suitcase, which is essentially a capsule closet — great for anyone looking to start one

  • Tips — on shopping, styling, travel fashion, budgeting

I’m hoping this series not only inspires my readers, but also inspires me to maintain my passion for fashion, and create new sustainable habits in the process for my personal and professional brand.

I look forward to what this new series has in store. The sky’s the limit!

Milan, Italy, January 2022

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