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  • Azra Syakirah


Have you ever felt so alone?

In a crowded room,

In the train,

On the busy street,

In the busiest city in the country,

When you’re with that someone special,

Holding their hand,

Them looking at you straight in the eyes,

Kissing your cheek,

Yet you feel so alone and empty,

And lonely,

No one will understand,

No one ever will,

No one can fill that emptiness in your heart,

You tried everything,

You went down the darkest tunnels,

You went down the lightest paths,

None of it worked,

And you’re just thinking,

Maybe you weren’t even meant to be in this world,

God made a mistake and created a broken being,

How can he have let you go through so many shit and still not have found answers you were looking for?

You’re trying so hard,

So fucking hard,

You finally found something that might feel right,

That felt right,

But it’s all now falling apart,

And you’re just thinking that everything that’s wrong is with you,

Not the world,

But you.

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