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  • Azra Syakirah


"You are here.

You fought the weekend war and you made it to the other side.

Welcome to Monday."

Sundays are like New Year's Eve — recalling how the past week went. The good days when you got a haircut and it turned out great, when your favourite store has a sale; and the bad ones when you spilled your coffee on your shirt, when you overslept and was late for work. You swore to never make the same mistakes. You conclude if it was a long, hellish week.

Mondays are like the new year — a new beginning; a new chance to be great. You cleanse yourself of the past week. You make yourself a good breakfast. You wish for a better week.

I never understood why the new year is a significant time of change. Why we promise ourselves to finally save up, to start on that thing we put off for so long, to quit that bad habit. We could do any of that at any time of the year.

I do them on Mondays.

Here's to new things;



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