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In collaboration with Splash Productions in their Arts and Culture segment, is a series of videos that focuses on themes like food, lifestyle, travel and arts. They hope to feature artists in the creative industry e.g: fashion, photography, performance arts, etc. in support of the local arts community.

This project is styling unique male and female looks that can be worn for the new year, using pieces made by me as well as other brands.

Original link to the male and female looks can be found on their Instagram page.

Items on male model:

Matching two-piece by AZRA SYAKIRAH.

Leather tote bag by BURBERRY.

Choker necklace.

Items on female model:

Slim-fit turtleneck by NOVEMBER CULTURE.

Velvet emerald pleated midi skirt.

Body chain by AZRA SYAKIRAH.

White asymmetrical linen outerwear from #boundtochange by AZRA SYAKIRAH.

White half sunglasses.

Black heels.