Japan Spring weather 101

Spring is the most anticipated season in Japan. It’s that time of the year when it’s not too cold nor too hot — it’s at just the right temperature. The locals welcome and celebrate the warmer weather with tons of outdoor activities and tourists travel to the country to witness the breathtaking sights that come about with the warm yet cooling Japanese spring. For example, the blooming of the cherry blossoms is a phenomenon not to be missed.


With the change in temperature in April also comes the reopening of the schools as well as the start of the new business year. Not to mention the reopening of beaches down in southern Japan like Okinawa, and the end of the season for spring skiers up in Hokkaido.


Read on to learn more about the spring weather in Japan, the proper attire to prepare, as well as the wonderful activities you can partake in.

Spring Weather in Japan 

Spring in Japan is one of the busiest times of the whole year and that’s because of the amazing weather! The season usually goes on for about three months, from March to May. The exact duration of spring can vary from year to year — it can start as early as mid-March or as late as early April; the end of the season can be as early as late April or as late as mid-May!

Because tons of people are looking forward to the spring weather in Japan each year, count on having forecasts all over the Japanese news. These weather forecasts are even broadcast on some of the trains in Japan. Rest assured that these forecasts are highly accurate — no one wants to let millions of people down!

Let’s take a look at the average temperatures, and the humidity of the spring months in Japan.

Spring Temperature in Japan

The temperature during spring in Japan can fluctuate quite drastically. Depending on the month, the highest and lowest temperatures vary. 


In March, a good sunny day can go as high as 13ºC in the afternoon, however it can drop quite low to about 3ºC in the evening and early mornings — so take a thick coat with you if you’re planning to be out the whole day!


April is arguably the best month of Japanese spring. It’s the most popular month to travel to Japan to, partly because it’s your best shot at seeing cherry blossoms with your very own eyes! This is the month where the cherry blossoms start blooming all over the country. You’ll get an average temperature of 18ºC in the afternoon and about 10ºC in the evening and early mornings.


It gets hotter in May, signalling the approach of summer. Most of the month is quite sunny; expect 23ºC afternoons and 15ºC evenings. Your chances of cherry blossom sightings are slim to none during this month, but don’t lose all hope! There are always late bloomers, especially up in northern Japan.

Spring Humidity in Japan


The humidity in Japan during spring is just like its temperature — it’s lower in early spring and gets higher in late spring. March is the least humid month of the season with a relative humidity of 55.5%.


It gets more humid in April, at about 60% relative humidity. May is the most humid of them all; the relative humidity in May jumps to about 65%. Japan just keeps getting more and more humid after the spring season, with a considerably uncomfortable summer, so make the most of the relative comfort while you can!

Dress Appropriately For Spring in Japan 

Trust me when I say that you can never be too prepared when it come to dressing for the Japan weather. One day it can be hot and sunny, the next it can be cold and rainy! Every day is like a surprise, but the general temperature will give you a good judgment of how to dress appropriately.


It’s still rather cold in March, even on the sunniest days of the month. This month does get more rainy days than the others in spring, so the temperature can drop quite a bit when it does. Don’t forget to bring a coat with you. It doesn’t have to be a down feather one, but be sure it’s thick enough to keep you warm at night.


April sees more sunny days than March, so a light coat or a cardigan will do the trick to keep you warm — even the bad weather days are not so cold, so a jumper will be just fine. If you plan on taking loads of photos with the cherry blossoms, bring your cutest outerwear to spice the pictures up even more!


May has the best weather of all the months in spring. A long sleeve shirt can sometimes be enough for the sunny days, but just in case, bring a cardigan with you when it gets windy in the evening.

Keep Yourself Busy With Spring Activities in Japan!


With the warmer temperature comes spring activities that the locals and tourists alike often take part in. Everyone is out and about celebrating the perfect outdoor weather with the blooming nature. It’s not spring in Japan without these, and the way the people in the country welcome the season is unique to Japan.


Here are some ideas of what you can do to keep yourself busy in Japan during the spring season as you indulge in the warm yet cooling spring atmosphere.

The Traditional “Hanami” 


It wouldn’t be Japanese spring without the cherry blossoms. Sure, there is other stuff going on during this time but the blooming sakura are what sets the mood. As the weather gets warmer, these beautiful flowers begin their blooming phase, marking the start of the spring season!


In Japan, there is the tradition of hanami, which translates from Japanese to ‘cherry blossom viewing’. Everyone — from friends and family to colleagues and acquaintances — grabs a couple of drinks and lays down a mat under a blooming sakura tree, sipping and chatting away. It’s the best way of appreciating the spring season and making the most of the comfortable temperature.. 

The Annual Spring Festival 


The summer festivals in Japan are a huge thing, but so are the spring festivals. Temporary booths pop up along the roadside and walking paths near stretches of cherry blossom trees. These stalls offer anything and everything from spring snacks and beverages to spring-exclusive products. Japan’s spring festivals only come around once a year, so don’t miss your chance!

The Feast of Seasonal Treats 


Japan is all about seasonal cuisine, with menus shifting just as often as the weasther. During spring, not only do the cherry blossoms bloom but it is also the season for some very tasty spring greens!


On top of your sakura-flavoured Japanese sweets, look out for other spring seasonal dishes the include bamboo shoots, Japanese butterbur and aralia elata that are harvested at this time of the year. The most popular spring pick is the strawberries, so be prepared for all the strawberry treats one can ever ask for! 

The Wrap-up


If you think spring in general is wonderful, wait until you experience Japanese spring! All the exciting activities are only possible because of the perfect, warm-yet-cooling weather for everyone to enjoy. So pack your bags accordingly and be prepared for the best spring weather of your entire life!