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Tamed – verb; to subdue

Pneuma – noun; the vital spirit, the soul

Art Direction, Styling & Layout: Azra Syakirah

Creative Director & Photographer: Nial Adryan

Videographer: Nur Saleha Saini

HMUA: Erna Naresa

Assist: Kathleen Lim & Khalis Brûlée

Models: Walmir Birchler & TJ Richards

Capsule collection designed by AZRA SYAKIRAH, 2016.


TAMED PNEUMA is inspired by the psychological term "masking", which refers to the act of conceiling one's emotion, usually a negative one, by portraying a more positive emotion. It is a facade used to deceive the people around them.

The late night thoughts. The sleepless nights. The emotional wreck that no one sees. The voices that can't be tuned out. The 3am rampaging thoughts that won't shut up. The demons that reign the mind. This madness is hidden to prevent judgment, humiliation, as well as being presumed weak.

Instead what is shown on the outside, just like a mask, is contentment. Happiness. Anything that is deemed socially accepted.


Masking is used more often than not. People are using this as a defense mechanism - putting up a front, like emotional walls and shields.

Inspiration board

Inspiration board

Mood board

Mood board

Design board

Design board

Creative Director, Styling & HMU: Azra Syakirah

Photographer & Assist: Jeremy Holden

Models: Stanislav Obolewicz & Ksenia Zubkova



A/W 16 Tamed Pneuma was selected as the top 18 finalist for an international fashion design competition in Hong Kong in June 2016. Competed against other designers all around the world, from countries such as United Kingdom and United States of America, France, Australia, Latvia and India.

More about the competition can be read here.

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